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SMT does not try to be all things to all people in sheet metal fabricating. Our business model is built from the ground up specifically for those companies who require lower unit volume and high product variety or variability. The SMT business model offers our customers unique advantages in speed, cost and quality, with no excess overhead. If, like us, you value speed and responsiveness, detest waste and needless overhead, SMT should be on your short list of firms to consider for your next sheet metal fabrication job.

SMT Advantages

Best-in-class responsiveness
• Quotes in one to two days
• Production runs in two weeks
• Simple, intuitive information systems
Measured quality and delivery
• Publicly posted performance … nothing hidden from the customer
• Advanced process control from Start to finish
• Our measure: 100% complete and on time, or it’s late!
Structured for lower cost
• Highly skilled, flexible workforce
• Lean Manufacturing designed into every process
• Advanced technology, highly productive equipment
• Low overhead, high asset utilization
• Opportunity for joint cost-of ownershipSavings
Owner involvement
• Experience and commitment
• Complete accountability
• Streamlined decision-making
SMT Key Services Include:

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Assistance - SMT uses Solid works CAD software and also accepts files in DFX, DWG, STEP, IGES and CADL formats.


Laser Cutting - We utilize Amada laser cutting for those parts that require more precision than soft tool processes allow.


CNC Punching - We use the Amada turret technology for our soft tool punch press operations.

Forming - When it comes to the metal forming process, whether carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum, SMT is the industry expert. Within precision metal forming, there is no cutting of the metal but only the contour is changed to get the desired shape. We use Amada brake presses with "one-touch" tool changers to minimize set-up time. We exclusively use "air bending" techniques to reduce customer tool costs and increase our production speed.

The most common metal forming operations used at SMT includes:


• Press Brake Bending
Sheet metal or plate can be bent easily with simple fixtures using a press. This machine utilizes long dies in a mechanical or hydraulic press and is suitable for small production runs. The tooling is normally simple and adaptable to a wide variety of shapes.


• Tube Bending
SMT has the equipment and knowledge to handle all your pipe and tube bending needs! Bending pipe and tube can be simple or it can take to look of an artist and has a science of its own. Bending quality is understood with our years of knowledge in bending tube and pipe products.


• Wire Forming
Straighten, cut, bend and end chamfering with CNC Wire Bending equipment and CNC wire coil formers.


Welding - We employ spot, MIG and TIG welding to securely join your metal fabrications and assemblies.

Stamping - We also use number of stamping machines for those parts that require more precision than soft tool processes allow.

Prototyping - Our wide range of machinery allows us to economically produce prototypes for you to test prior to series production. We'll happily assist you to develop & improve your products.

Metal Finishing - We utilize Electro Polishing and Hair Line Polishing to apply the metal finish or graining that meets your specification.


Services Provided By Supplier - Partners Include:

Powder Coating - We chose to work with the Powder Coat - focused companies nearby that have available capacity and provide quick response service rather than invest in this equipment ourselves.

Metal Fabrication Product Series

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