A brand new concept of metal fabrication product line has been added into SMT’s various product catalogue, it’s called SMT Round Profile Series. The birth of this marvelous concept is to provide user the flexibility of assembly the product by itself utilizing multi piece parts. It also provides more solid modern impression outlook comparison to traditional welding metal fabrication products.

Advantages And Benefits Of SMT Profile Series


Safety & Value
• Special designed Round based Corner Piece & Profile Structure will reduce the severity of human impact during accident.
• Great aesthetic value - increment of market or user value attributed to the appearance of SMT Profile Design.
Reduce Open Flame Welding
• Environmental Friendly.
• No Material Distortion - No need to fight heat stress.
• OSH – Occupational Safety & Health concerns.
• Reduce Risk of Burns Reduce Inflammation of the cornea – Eye.
Reduce Risks of Medical conditions (Oxide Fume) - metal fume fever, neurological problems or to damage to the lungs, liver,
  kidneys, or central nervous system.

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